Sleepmaker Pillowise

Pillowise Pillowise

Sleep Preparation

Now you have your new Sleepmaker pillow, you have one important piece of the puzzle to a great night’s sleep!

There are many areas in our busy lives we can tweak in order to improve the quality of our sleep. The Sleepmaker pillow programme focuses on the hours leading up to your bed time and activities that can support you getting to bed in the best condition possible to assist a great night's sleep.

Everyone’s daily routine is different so not all of the recommended activities can be achieved practically, however use our sleep prep videos as a guide to see what you can do to promote a peaceful sleep each night!

Mattress Selector

Mattress Selector

For improved sleep quality we must consider both our mattress and our pillow. Purchasing a quality mattress and pillow is a worthwhile investment as it will improve your overall health and wellbeing. With the Sleepmaker mattress selector you can find your perfect mattress and pillow that will work together to provide you the best night’s sleep possible!

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